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Advance Curriculums and Academy Pathways

This committee will focus on creating clearer pathways for students and their parents to understand getting into advanced curriculum programs, specific career academies, etc. For example, in the short term out of the gates, this team would like to work with the District and the principals of Westwood/LRHS to assist them and the District develop an advance curriculum program, or the like, to attract and keep high performing students through their tenures from Westwood to LRHS. We want to assist Denison and WHHS in any way toward the opening of the Pre-Cambridge program at Denison which is already in the works. Also, there is much room to more deeply involve the business community into the current academies and pre-academies in both schools, which the team will address in working with the newly reconstituted Workforce Alliance program.

Cambridge Program at WHHS:

Link to all of the WHHS Academies here:

Link to all of the LRHS Academies here: