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At WHPEP, we want everything we do to forward the advocacy of public education in our city. With that in mind, we organize our friends of PEP into Advocacy Teams, or A-Teams. This allows us to bring together talented people around a common focus area, and then bring each of those areas together to forward the cause of public education in Winter Haven. If you would like to join one of our A-Teams, please contact us. Let us introduce you to our A-Teams!

Innovative School A-Team

This team will focus on exploring, advocating, and supporting innovative pathways and initiatives for advanced curriculum programs and academies.

Literacy A-Team

Literacy education, particularly from birth to 5th grade, is extremely important. This team advocates, supports, and provides information and programs to assist parents and students to be successful.

Engagement & Enrichment A-Team

This team uses additional activities and opportunities to support the educational experience of the whole student in Winter Haven schools by aligning resources and eliminating barriers.