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College/Career Preparation Checklist

The Winter Haven High School Academic Booster Club has compiled this booklet to help students get ready for life after high school. Students may want to go on to a 4 year or 2 year college, a technical college, or directly to work. Regardless of where the student goes after high school, it is important  to begin preparation in the 9th grade and make the high school experience a success. This booklet is designed for the student to keep a record by year of activities, sports, clubs, honors, community activities and work experience in order to make the college and scholarship application process smoother. We have provided space for you to record your activities for each grade. There are suggestions and guidelines for each year to keep you informed of deadlines for making the most out of high school. We hope you find this booklet useful as you begin your journey through the halls of Winter Haven High School or Lake Region High School.